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Mobile travel services

Quicket is a multi-functional travel application for iOS and Android

Social check-in with Facebook

See who is sitting next to you

  • Log-in to FB thru 'Social-Check-in' in 'Settings'
  • Scan boarding pass in 'My Flights' or buy a ticket
  • Go to 'Ticket Options' and click 'Seat Map' button
  • Request / select your seat
  • Pick your preferred privacy setting
  • Browse pictures/profiles of fellow passengers

Buy a ticket with Quicket

It is easy, fast and convenient!

  • Choose up to three destinations per ticket
  • Select your class of travel
  • Book for yourself and travel companions
  • Tap “Find” to see all possible flight options

Pick your preferred flights

The best flight options at your service

  • All flights are sorted by price
  • Use Filters to refine your search
  • Simply select the desired flights
  • Tap the blue arrow to buy your ticket

Track current flight

Ability to manage your schedule

  • Track your flight directly from the app
  • See if your plane is arriving on time, delayed, or canceled
  • Also great for confirming flight status of family and friends
  • The most essential information about a flight on one screen
  • Click gate for airport map

Manage ticket options post purchase

Be flexible with Quicket

  • Review seat options and luggage rules
  • Check-in directly from the app
  • Contact the support desk to cancel your ticket
  • More options coming soon!

Comfort on board with Seat Advisor

See your seat options for the most popular planes directly from the app.

  • See what aircraft manufacturers have to offer
  • Select from popular airlines to learn about their planes
  • Get seat details
  • More aircrafts and seat maps coming soon