Quicket founders
Quicket design philosophy is to hide technological and business complexity.– Airbus BizLab
15 social companies to watch in 2015.– Forbes.com
Quicket could be onto something.– Inc
Use Quicket to handle everything you need to fly.... Rules were made to be broken.– Netted by Webby Awards
The strategy is to increase overall utility so that a user can’t imagine booking elsewhere.– Tnooz
Overall, Quicket is an application that pretty much any frequent flyer should at least try out. It has a lot of features and seems to have taken a lot of scenarios and use cases into consideration and that means only good things.– Android Authority, App of the Day
Quicket is quickly becoming a must-have airline travel app. Users can search, choose, and book a flight with hundreds of airlines to almost anywhere within minutes. Before you make the final purchase, check where your seat is located on almost any plane and airline as more legroom is always good.– Forbes.com
Quicket sells itself as a multi-purpose mobile app that wants to be a "one-stop-app" for all your travel needs. With its latest update, Quicket is introducing a Facebook seat check-in feature, letting you see who's going to be sitting where on any given flight.– The Next Web
The Quicket app already has a slew of other stellar features -- users can search and book flights in the app, check their flight status and get directions to their gates on detailed airport maps. And now, they'll get social directions, too.– Huffington Post

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